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Setsuspendstate example
Setsuspendstate example

Setsuspendstate example

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Dec 22, 2007 - The SetSuspendState method requires three parameters. An example of a wake event is a network message from a central system that starts

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Syntax. C++. Copy. BOOLEAN WINAPI SetSuspendState( _In_ BOOLEAN Hibernate, _In_ BOOLEAN ForceCritical, _In_ BOOLEAN DisableWakeEvent ); If SetSuspendState is invoked from autohotkey it takes 8-10 There is a mistake in example section of http://www.autohotkeds/Shutdown.htm. setsuspendstate (powrprof) static extern bool SetSuspendState (bool hibernate, bool forceCritical, bool disableWakeEvent); 'SetSuspendState Example

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Using the SetSuspendState API (Powrprof.dll), setting the system to FunctionName db "SetSuspendState",0 .CODE Check the attachment for an example.Jul 21, 2010 - You should link your programm with the PowrProf.lib library. You could do it by adding the following string: #pragma comment(lib, "PowrProf.lib") SetSuspendState() method, which allows you to either hibernate or else standby your pc. Below is an example showing how to hibernate Windows. I want to import SetSuspendState() function, but don't know what DLL file it .. For example, say, I want to import cos() function in C# which is declared in math.h Hey there, I'm trying to use the SetSuspendState() function to hibernate the computer, but I have no idea what parameters I should send to it. To call a function, the syntax is FunctionName(parameters); for example: SetSuspendState /*function name*/ ( true , false , false /*parameters*/ )

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