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Where volcaoes form
Where volcaoes form

Where volcaoes form

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Why do they form where they do? View · Translate. Category: General / Misc. There are three main places where volcanoes originate: Hot spots,; Divergent plate

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Volcanoes form where magma reaches Earth's surface. Volcano: the opening in Earth's crust through which magma, gases, and ash erupt, and the landform that. Earth's volcanoes occur because its crust is broken into 17 major, rigid tectonic plates that float on a hotter, softer layer in its mantle. Therefore, on EarthVolcanoes can form anywhere the Earth's crust allows magma to reach the surface. Typically, this occurs around plate boundaries, either where plates are Some volcanoes form far from the edges of a plate. The Hawaiian Islands which are volcanic islands are located in the middle of the pacific plate. Scientists

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Volcanoes are formed when magma from within the Earth's upper mantle works its way to the surface. At the surface, it erupts to form lava flows and ash deposits Deep inside Earth, between the molten iron core and the thin crust at the surface, there is a solid body of rock called the mantle. When rock from the mantle melts Active volcanoes generally occur close to the major tectonic plate boundaries. Many are located along the Earth's plate boundaries. Active volcanoes are rare in These pillows form when basalt is suddenly quenched as it comes into contact with sea water Hot spot volcanoes occur somewhat randomly around the globe.

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